For Accountants


  • As long as our tried and tested techniques are followed, you should see results.  There is a cap on the number of leads you receive with each target package, so make sure you’re helping us and doing everything to deliver the services required.

  • Any refunds for failed conversions need to be put in writing to the Cartwheeled team for verification, within 14 days.

  • Leads are exclusive whilst they are still live.  Once a quote has been rejected it’s no longer live and can be placed with another accountant.

  • Yes, auto top up is optional and often the easiest way of keeping the account active and your growth consistent.  To arrange this, speak with the Cartwheeled Team.

  • All payment are via debit or credit card.

  • Easy, you simply top up to cover the fees converted, and add a little extra so our team can continue to connect you to more potential new clients.

  • The larger Target level you buy, the better the discount.  See our pricing page.

  • No, they never expire! However there is a cap to the number of leads we can make.  For every £1000 target, the cap is 4 leads.  More than enough to reach your targets.

  • We follow up until we get a YES or a NO! Normally this is within 1-2 weeks of the client placing the enquiry.  So you’ll get clients on board quickly!

  • No, our panel of experts lead the follow up process and work closely with you to ensure maximum conversions.

  • Feedback is essential to help our panel of experts with timely and effective follow ups.  We have procedures in place to ensure the process is smooth.  Our expert panel will guide you through this.

  • Quote realistic values, call/meet at arranged times, be available within a 24 hour window, email quotes in writing, provide feedback to Cartwheeled in order for a thorough follow up call to be conducted.